Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Big Day for Hoke

Today was a big day for Hoke! 

First things, gotta give ebeyrone in da house a mornin smoochie - see, dats Hoke gettin his mornin *smooch* from me, MattieDog!

What to do today? Hoke woke up pwetty hungry, so I let him pick out a bweakfast join from da Best of Seattle magazine.  See, dats him der, he uzing a @DougalsDen bookmark to identify where he wants to go for eats.  Off we went *zoooom* in to town and nom'd some eggs and bacon. Hoke is a big eater! He snarfed down three *holds up 4 fingers* platefuls and spilled some ketchup on him..... oh oh! He's in twouble, momma's baff happy.

Done with our morning, we came back home. Dats us at my front door, *knock knock knock*.  "Come on in," said momma, as she eyed Hoke's ketchupy face.  Momma scooped up Hoke and plunked him in da tub to get him all cleaned up.  See, der's Hoke, in da tub wif Spike... Spike is always gettin a baff, he so close to da grownd and gets all doity.  *Scrub scrub scrub* went momma, poor Hoke...

Stay tuned for more Sleepless in Seattle adventures - Hoke and me going to da cabin dis weekend!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


We sent Hoke to BarkWorld and he has yet to come home. Every now and then we see pictures posted to Twitter: Hoke boarding a plane, Hoke at BarkWorld, Hoke at BlogPaws, Hoke picking apples in Utah, Hoke partying it up in Seattle...

So we got to thinking, wouldn't it be cool if we could put all Hoke's traveling pictures in one place? Anyone hosting Hoke can post their pics and stories to this blog to share with everyone and maybe we can begin to answer the age-old question:

Where in the world is Hoke?!